Twitter users spamming me?

In the last 24 hours I’ve had 17 new people follow me on Twitter, without even twitting anything new. All the usernames of these people are of politicians, with a number after, e.g. denniskucinich4. They’re obviously being run by the same person but I don’t understand the point of them following me. Maybe it’s just to get me to look at their twitter account and hopefully subscribe to it, then whoever is managing the account can persuade that politician’s promoters to sponsor them. Anyway, it’s weird, and I hope I don’t get too many more from them.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter users spamming me?

  1. Think:
    I’m italian, I usually twitter in Italian. I don’t follow american politics.
    Nevertheless JhonMcCain43 follows me…
    I think some supporter (or McCain himself) is doing a weird use of twitter.

    In Italy too politicians are strating to use SN sites for their campaigns.
    You can find our democrat candidate Walter Veltroni on Twitter, but (for the moment) it’s not he who follows me but (if I want) vice versa.



  2. hi,
    yes, the same happened to me and that’s how i have found your twitter profile – and i started to follow you (i am sorry for that, just investigating the new medium 🙂
    well, it’s obvious that any new medium is sooner or later (rather sooner) abused and it turns to something useless soon (see e-mail today). wikipedia, youtube, etc… abused, still useful somehow, but will be useless soon 🙂
    interesting in theory, annoying in practice, is not it? 😀


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