I can create custom measurement frameworks for your organisation or for a specific campaign.

I can create benchmarks from your initial campaigns & compare to competitors to set KPIs for future work.

I’ll help you to build in tests to your delivery plan to test:

  • Proposition
  • Ad targeting
  • Ad creative
  • Email subject lines
  • Email copy/imagery/layout
  • Email journeys/segmentation
  • Web page design/UX

And feed the results in to your strategy to adapt & refine your delivery.

I’ll help to ensure measurements for success are reflected in individual, team and organisational reports.

I’ll cut out meaningless numbers and charts that don’t add insight and I’ll work with your team to create reports that meet their needs.

I’ll interrogate your stats and with my knowledge of UX I’ll provide expert insights informed by data.

Examples of measurement work I’ve done:

  • Producing monthly multi-channel digital marketing reports for Picturehouse Cinemas.
  • Defining social media KPIs for American Express.
  • Calculating the financial impact of engagement by retail brands for Twitter.
  • Creating a measurement framework for an integrated advocacy and fundraising campaign for a national health charity, including online and offline channels.

Get in touch with me at if you need some support with measurement and reporting.

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