Beth Granter

Freelance digital consultant for charities


Measurement is one of my favourite things to work on, and I’ve been a speaker at MeasureFest conference.

I’ll work with you to create reports about your digital work that meet your needs – making sure that you’re measuring what matters and adding insight to your data. I can create custom measurement frameworks for your organisation and help you to set KPIs for future work.

I’ll help you to test and evaluate your ad targeting, creative, emails, web page design/UI/UX, specific campaign and ongoing digital work.

Examples of measurement work I’ve done:

  • Producing monthly multi-channel digital marketing reports for a national cinema chain.
  • Reporting on social media conversations for a wearable technology company to inform product development.
  • Defining social media KPIs for an international bank.
  • Calculating the financial impact of engagement by retail brands for Twitter.
  • Creating a measurement framework for an advocacy and fundraising campaign for a national health charity.