Beth Granter

Freelance digital consultant for charities

Audience research and UX

To deliver the best content and supporter experience, you need to know who your supporters are and what they do online.

I use data to answer this question and to test assumptions. I use the following for audience research:

  • Web analytics.
  • Email analytics.
  • UX audits.
  • Survey design, set up and analysis.
  • Social media listening / buzz monitoring.
  • Usability testing.
  • Competitor / sector analysis.
  • Content audits (website, email and social channels).
  • YouGov analysis.

This work will enable me to develop an audience-first content strategy, that prioritises supporter needs.

Examples of my research work:

  • Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Hotjar heatmap and survey analysis for Wellbeing of Women.
  • Survey design, delivery and analysis for Porsche.
  • UX audits for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and HSBC.
  • YouGov research for Shelter, RSPCA and British Heart Foundation.
  • Social media listening for Fitbit, Twitter and Picturehouse Cinemas.
  • Social media content audit for RSPCA.