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To-do list

I have about ten fifteen things I want to write about asap on this blog, and it’s getting out of hand, so I’ve decided to list them all before I forget one. Also in the list are other web-related things I need to do.

1. I went to Barcamp Brighton 2 this weekend and there are lots of sessions I want to mention.

2. I went on a PHP for beginners course last week and I want to put my notes from that online.

3. I need to delete my self-hosted (and dead) copy of this blog so that it stops coming up in Google in case people comment there by mistake.

4. I haven’t even mentioned my work on the University of Sussex Second Life campus project, and it seems everyone else has been talking about it this week.

5. I need to re-organise this blog so it has a page for illustrations, contact details, print design work and web design work.

6. I need to get screen shots of all of the things I’ve built in Second Life so I can start building a portfolio from them.

7. I want to make a better hoodie for my SL avatar (who is currently wearing the result of my very first attempt at creating any clothing in SL), and then make lots of clothes and sell them. I haven’t really seen many stylish avatars going around, so I think I’ll just copy my own wardrobe, what with me being such a style icon 😀

8. I just discovered a few really awesome links which I have tagged in, and I want to talk about them. I might even create a page on my blog or figure out some automatic posting of daily/weekly links as I’ve seen other people do.

9. Mostly on my mind is the issue of social friend aggregators and social profile aggregators, content portability between networks and content duplication issues.

10. There’s some out of date examples of work I’ve done in the past floating around and I’m still linking to them. I need to get rid of those because they aren’t relevant any more, and I can do much better stuff now!

11. I’ve been using Flock for the last couple of weeks and I want to talk about that.

12. I have brown hair now and need to update my avatars all over the place. This should probably come last because it’s not that important but since I’m so vain I’ll probably do this first.

13. In a game of blog-tag, I got tagged. So I need to do the post thing and tag other people.

14. Flock just got confused and told me that all my friends were called Tim Vernon.

15. My queer computer: Last week I witnessed the fantastic bug in Second Life where a bunch of male avatars develop breasts. Bearded ladies aplenty. I now know why, and I’d love to tell you.

I don’t know where to start!

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