Beth Granter

Freelance digital consultant for charities

The Whole Woman – Germaine Greer

This recent work by Greer shows that she is still in touch with the feminist issues of today and explains to the new generation of women (i.e. me) how we are still being exploited in this ‘civilised’ society and across the globe. Until recently I had felt unaware of any detremental effects of gender roles being attributed by my surroundings but after this book I see them every day. It gave hope and direction on how to rise up against common inflictions we take for granted and not to assume you are who you’re told you should be. Very inspiring, I would recommend this book to anybody who doesn’t realise they are trodden on in so many ways by society but feels out of place in their given role as what society tells them they are. What does it really mean to be a woman, to be feminine, what is masculinity, how do you be strong without rejecting your feelings etc. Within this book lies many answers.

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