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The Power of Beauty – Nancy Friday

This is a very opinionated (but not necessarily in a bad way) look at how beauty has the power to control people’s lives and everything that happens to us. Starting with the basics from pretty babies getting picked up first, and continuing on to looks-ism throughout a career, there is a whole lifetime of analysis making you judge how much you get through you own life on your looks, or how you are discriminated against because of your looks. It is interesting but Friday’s clear personal issues with her mother show through a little too much. She seems to think that because she had no father from the age of three, all her problems are down to mistakes her mother made, and the innate daughter-mother hatred which we all apparently have, and are in denial of. Lots of interesting and possibly valid points are made, but you really need to read this with a critical eye in order to not get swept away by the writer’s persuasive tongue.

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