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The next generation of internet users – infographic

I’ve been asked to share my thoughts on the following infographic. So here goes. I’m afraid it is quite critical. It has some interesting stats. It looks OK visually, but not all of the graphics represent the data. Sometimes they do, but sometimes it’s just a picture and some text, and there’s nothing to represent the information graphically to make understanding it any easier. #notaninfographic.

Even those graphics that are supposed to represent the data don’t do so very clearly. For example – the two lines of little houses – it took me a while to notice that four of them had wifi icons coming out of them. That’s supposed to represent 41% (because there are ten total houses).

The ‘increasingly mobile’ bit – mentions 207 million and 8.2 billion. The picture has no representation of this.

The chart of mobile vs desktop – the Y axis has an unclear label. 2000 users? What does that mean?

40% of US Consumers! But there’s no graphic to illustrate that figure.

China! India! Indonesia! They have kind of flag things. But the bubbles are all the same size. So what does that mean?

Yay! The African growth is actually illustrated with an infographic (bar chart).

The sources are listed at the bottom, 1-7, but we are left to assume the figures go from top to bottom – they’re not referenced at the point of use.

The next generation of internet users (infographic)

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