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The Motorcycle Diaries – Che Guevara

This amazing account of Che’s journey through South America was surprisingly fluid and captivating. Amusing tales bring you closer to Che as another human being, a fun loving traveller, a young man with young dreams. There is no political analogy but as you are taken through his experiences of different cultures the influences which nurtured his existing strong political opinions are clear. The thoughts on his relationship with his best friend, mother and father express how Che was a sensitive, loving person.

It is rare that I read a book so good I can’t put it down. I was in LA when a nice guy in my youth hostel gave me the book, and once I started, I read dead straight for 6 hours till I went to sleep. Over the next 48 hours I carried it like a bible taking every opportunity to see what Che and his friend would get up to next. Basically, if you’re interested in Che’s philosophies but find political textbooks tiresome, this will make you understand him as a person rather than a historical event. Especially recommended to travellers or people interested in world culture as it gives great insight into South American culture of the time.

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