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Ten delicious accessibility links

I’ve been wondering how I can feature my delicious links on blog posts, so I just decided to start at the beginning of the alphabet of tags containing at least 10 links. I don’t like those automated services that just post a blog of your daily or weekly links – I wanted to group it better. I don’t tend to save the obvious stuff to delicious, but tend to save things I’m not so likely to remember how to find via Google. So, in the order that I discovered them, here’s a few random tools & articles about accessibility. Some are pretty old but still relevant:

2007 links:

2008 links:

2009 links

I would say the most important thing I’ve learnt about accessibility over the years is that it’s not just about deaf people, blind people, or those who can’t use a standard keyboard or mouse, but about anybody who needs to or prefers to access websites in a different way. So it’s about designing interfaces that allow users to choose how to get around to best suit them, and allowing them to personalise the way online media is displayed.

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