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Stop #Dorries’ abstinence for girls sex education bill

Nadine Dorries, Conservative MP, who has voted against equal gay rights in the past, has just successfully proposed a bill to teach GIRLS (specifically) the ‘benefits’ of abstinence from ‘sexual activity’! Who’s up for starting a big campaign against this dangerous heteronormative sexist anti-sex bill before its second reading in parliament?

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Email your MP with the following points (alter tone depending on whether they already voted for or against or were absent but email either way to make sure! MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE THE TEXT OR THE EMAIL WILL BE BLOCKED):

Dear [Your MP],

On 4 May 2011 Nadine Dorries proposed a bill to require that sex education in schools should include content promoting abstinence to teenage girls.

While sex education already mentions the option of abstinence, this Bill would require active promotion of abstinence to girls, with no such requirement of the education provided to boys.

There is no logic in promoting abstinence to girls specifically – it is sexist. There is also no evidence that promoting abstinence in sex education reduces teenage pregnancies.

The wording of the bill is also ideological – it is not demanding abstinence from heterosexual sexual intercourse but from all sexual activity. This is dangerous as teenage girls may be taught that masturbation or other sexual activity is also wrong.

I call on you to vote against this archaic ideological bill on its second reading on Friday 20 January 2012.

Please respond letting me know your voting intentions regarding this bill.


[Your Name]


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