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#Spymaster is going to divide Twitter

I was going to describe the new text based MMORPG, ‘Spymaster‘ which has just hit Twitter, but then I realised this article said pretty much all I was going to say. Except… people have already started hating it (e.g. The Guardian’s Technology correspondent Charles Arthur – that got a few RT (re-tweets). Because the default settings make it so that everything you do on the game sends out a tweet to your stream, your stream is gonna get clogged with #spymaster tweets and nothing else, annoy all your followers etc., pretty quickly unless you change them to be minimal/non-existent.  However, right now, lots of people are pretty excited about what appears to be a standard, traditional text based game – mainly because of its clever integration with the Twitter API.  I predict there will be a big hoo-ha over the next few days, some people will be loving spymaster, some will be hating it, it is going to be big, it is incredibly viral, and I think it will end up being quickly shunned by the Twitter community.

But in the meantime… I’m gonna be playing it. On Team Russia of course!

Whose side are you on?

p.s. if you want a spymaster invite, you don’t actually need one, you can just sign in with your Twitter username and password. I did and it worked. Also, it’s weird, when you send an invite to someone, they get a DM with the spymaster website address, but no invite code or anything, so it’s not even doing anything that clever in that instance.

2 responses to “#Spymaster is going to divide Twitter”

  1. I really really hate. It seems incredibly arrogant to broadcast continually to people what level you are on especially on something so..well…childish?

    On a cool scale it’s somewhere between battle re-enactment and Dungeons and Dragons.

  2. You’re a *Russian* spy?!
    God damn you Granter you invite me into your spy ring and you’re a bloody Ruskie?

    I think you are right, it’ll make a lot of people scream and shout, people will hate the auto-tweets for sure.

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