Songza rocks

Songza.com is the best site I’ve seen in the last couple of months. A music search engine / jukebox which also provides a player for your site, but WordPress seems to strip the HTML code so I can’t figure out how to put it in here 🙁

Shame it’s not integrated with last.fm too. Wasted listening… it pains me.

Good points are though:

  • users can rate songs as being good or bad so better recordings appear higher in search results.
  • you can send your friends a link to a favourite song with an email form
  • you can make your own playlist (but I don’t think you can save it to listen to later…)
  • you can view the discography of the artist you’re listening to
  • you can buy the song you’re listening to

Never mind MySpace DJ-ing at parties – I reckon this would be an awesome way to provide music at a party and let your guests choose the songs.

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