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Search term wordle

I love looking at site analytics, and one of the most interesting and useful things to look at are search terms people use to find your site. So you can really look at what topics people are interested in. I had a look at how people come to my site via Google, grabbed the top 20 phrases and put them into Wordle. I didn’t weight the most commonly used ones against the 20th most commonly used one, but this still gives a good representation of the key themes people search for, that I write about.

Search terms used to discover

5 responses to “Search term wordle”

  1. Oh, I didn’t know you did coding. I’m probably going to be learning a bit of code for my new job at Agenda 21 Digital. Not PHP though.

    Good website, have been crawling all over your links on analytics.

  2. Just from some of the more prominent words in your wordle. Seemed unusual as a way for people to find your site.

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