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Questions for the PLO

I have an idea.

I have organised demonstrations in the past couple of years – outside Parliament for better sex education, and in Brighton in solidarity with Russian LGBTQ people. Both of these went ahead without any trouble, but I was always unsure where I stood in terms of the law.

So I’ve decided to make a video of FAQs for activists who want to organise demonstrations/protests.

I’d like to interview the Police Protest Liaison Officers so that they can give the official word on the laws around organising protests. I’d also like to interview green & black cross, the lawyers for activists, and some activists themselves.

I have some initial questions for the PLO but thought if I blogged this, others in the community could submit their questions. I’ll collate a list (of sensible questions only) and propose this to the PLO.

My questions so far:

  • Do people need to inform the police or council if they are organising a static demo or walking march?
  • Are organisers responsible for things other protest participants do on the protest?
  • Is it legal for a march to walk down a road, temporarily stopping traffic?
  • Is it legal for anyone to hand out leaflets in any public place? What about in a shop?
  • If a police officer asks my name do I have to tell them?
  • Can you explain what kettling is and when and why it’s used?
  • If I am kettled, what rights do I have in terms of being allowed out? What advice would you give to someone who is being kettled? What if I need the toilet when I’m being kettled? If I end up having to wee on the floor because I’ve been kettled for five hours can I get arrested for that?!
  • Am I allowed to wear a mask or scarf covering my face in a demonstration? Do I legally have to remove my face covering when asked to by the police? What if it’s part of my religion to cover my face e.g. a niqab or burka?
  • Am I allowed to film and photograph the police?
  • Do I have to get permission from anyone to use a loudspeaker or megaphone on a static or moving march?
  • What are the most common reasons people are arrested on demos?
  • If the police ask me questions about a demo I’m organising, do I have to answer them? What will happen if I decline to answer?
  • If I organise a demo will I get put on a list of domestic extremists, or any other kind of list of people you will monitor?
  • How can I find out if I’m already on any list of people that you’re monitoring?
  • What other advice can you give to people who want to exercise their right to protest?
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2 thoughts on “Questions for the PLO

  1. I know you are not naive enough to accept at face value every answer you get to these questions from one representative of the PLO; some form of corroboration from a second source would seem appropriate? Even if the first respondent really believed their answers to be accurate and comprehensive, sometimes even professionals have a skewed or misinformed view of what their job entails and how it is supported (or not)by ‘the law of the land’.

  2. Ask them where the money to rebuild Gaza has gone .
    Ask them , how come , that if they blame the Israeli blockade for the shortages of building materials they are able to rebuild new concrete lined tunnels .
    Ask them how they can get all the guns and missiles into Gaza , but not medical supplies.
    Ask them when Hamas and Fatah will sit down with each other , and when will they hold elections.
    I am assuming you know that when Hamas won the “election” in Gaza they killed the Fatah representatives by throwing them off rooftops.
    By my estimate , 98% of the Palestinians want peace , but their politicians are corrupt and stealing millions of dollars . The politicians want the status quo.
    I despise the Israeli government , but at least it is democratic .
    I look forward to the answers .

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