Paste your taste

Last.fm has a feature for Facebook where each of your charts (Top Weekly Artists/ Top Tracks Overall etc.) has a ‘Paste your taste’ dropdown box where you can copy an ordered list of your favourite music, ready to be pasted in to your Facebook profile ‘Music’ section.

Paste your taste

This is fine as long as that information doesn’t change very often, but it’d be a right hassle to repeat this procedure every few days. What a shame there is no option for this to be automatically updated in Facebook. I hope Last.FM and Facebook are in talks…

I know you can have the Last.FM widget on your Facebook profile, but that means if people are searching for fans of a certain band by clicking that band name in the Music section of a Facebook profile, having that band in your Last.FM widget won’t bring you up in search results. You have to have those bands listed actually in the Music section of your default profile. And those have to be manually written in, so this ‘Paste your taste’ option seems to be the best we can hope for at the moment.

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  1. and in the new version of Last FM they seem to have done away with paste your taste altogether which is actually quite annoying. How else can you quickly update your music likes on facebook? The new Last FM appears to be a bit of a disaster judging by the forum there

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