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One month of messages I didn’t reply to on Plenty Of Fish #POF. Or, why I am single II.

When I was in San Francisco in January I found a zine which was called, “Messages I have received on OKCupid”. I liked it. So… continuing my theme of blogging about dating… I thought I’d write down my last month’s worth of messages I got on Plenty Of Fish. POF has volume, but lacks quality, generally speaking. Of course, you might find the odd diamond in the rough. Some of these messages are perfectly respectable (I’ve been known to send some similar to some of these myself!) but there was something incompatible about their profile so that’s why I didn’t reply (e.g. I didn’t find them attractive, or it said that they were not looking for anything serious, or they just sounded like a weirdo, in a bad way). I haven’t included any which I replied to. For context, my ‘tagline’ on my profile describes me as ‘Basically awesome’, hence some related comments.

I think the majority of these were copy-paste jobs.

25 August: Hey gorgeous. X

24 August: Hey, how are you? So not really sure how to write a first message but, I read your profile and thought we might get along. I mean who doesn’t want a funny guy? So if you do find one dont be selfish send him this way ?

23 August: Hiya [myusername] how’s it going? I just wondered if you wanted to chat to a genuine, caring, honest bloke? I’m not after one night stands or anything like that, I just want to smile, laugh and enjoy life with the right person. So if you fancy a chat just message me.

22 August: Want to grab coffee? ?

22 August: Feeling the fringe

21 August: U look very sexy and attractive

21 August: 1 of 3 – Sausalito, you do look hot.
2 of 3 – Aaaah – dinnae take it the wrong way, its been a long day an I’m a few guinesses down : )
3 of 3 – No that the Guinnesses would affect the perceived level of hotness, nae.

21 August: Hi how are you ? How is your night going ?

21 August: U OK x

21 August: Hey how’s it going nice pics u got there

21 August: Hi there

20 August: Hey I’m [name] x

20 August: marxism and feminism are made by the illuminati to break down family unit 🙁

19 August: Hi Beth. Saw your profile and want to know if you want to meet up for a drink.

19 August: Hello there hows you, fancy a chat to get to know eachother? Xx [I think this guy forgot that he also messaged me on 11 August with: “Hey there hows you? Xx”]

13 August: Hello

12 August: Hi Five! To awesomeness!!

12 August: Nice pics

12 August: Hi fancy a chat..xx

11 August: Good afternoon how are you…. how is your pof experience going so far x

11 August: Hey Basically Awesome Beth how’s you? I’m [name] originally from Brighton are you?

11 August: Hi gorgeous x

9 August: Hi Beth. Hope you are ok. How was your weekend?

8 August: Hi love your smile x my elephant thinks your stunning x

8 August: I like your profile, what’s queer theory? I know i should google it but don’t want to pretend i know something that i don’t

8 August: Basically you are very sexy x

8 August: Hi Beth 🙂 how are you? I am [name]

7 August: Hello you having a good night

7 August: sexy

7 August: Hi! How are you? Are you as awesome as lego? 😛

7 August: You definitely pulled the “looking hot look”

5 August: Hello Beth would you like to have a chat with me?

4 August: do you like bowling

3 August: So what else do you like..apart from hanging out & having fun with friends.

2 August: CORR xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1 August: The picture titled trying to look hot….I think need to change it because you are hot in all you photos

1 August: Hey cutie love your bob and glasses very cool x how to u like Brighton ? I’m in Camden but could meet up there x

1 August:
Hiya babe…
I’m a very honest upfront down to earth person I’m very loving I don’t like liers cheaters bullshiters I tell it how it is and don’t beat about the bush… I am easy going love meeting new people.
I’m very adventurous over random spontaneous fun outgoing love to have fun and laugh taking a lady our and wining and dining her coz that’s how lady should be treated!
I am somewhat Christian grey or worse than him lol
I have 2 amazing kids that r my life and do everything and anything for them they will always come 1st sorry if that’s a problem. What about you?? ??

31 July: Hi hows u x Do u do bouldering at portslade ?
I love climbing
Iv been going a few month n just starting to pick it up 😉

31 July: Love your profile and photo. Would be a pleasure to know you better.
Her face was crystal
Fair and fine
And her breath was morning
And her lips were wine
And her eyes were laughter
And her touch divine
And her face was crystal
And she was mine
[name] xx

30 July: Hey how’s you x

30 July: Hey there you came up on my matches so I thought I would stop by to say I hope your having a grate day. If you wish to talk please fill free to msg me back if not I wish you all the best in your fishing ?

30 July: hi ya hows you? hows week going so far,much planned for weekend?

29 July: Hi how are you x

29 July: Hey

28 July: Hello mis awesome ? x

28 July: You are very pretty Beth. I like that you are into Sci-Fi and horror like me ….. Ive made a few short films in that genre. My new short film is about a girl that time travels with a wrist watch x anyway I’d love to chat to you x

26 July: Hi! How are you? I’m [name]! What’s your name? You are very pretty! ?? xx

26 July: I think you look hotter in your selfies pics… Sometimes seduction is something you would not expect. Like normality or the next door girl look.

26 July: Hi. I think you look more than alright, what’s queer theory, I could just google it but then you could apply that to any question and we would have nothing to talk about , I like chess so much I’ve played over 3000 matches in the last 10 years.

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