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No random play for you, old man!

Steve Ganz discovered that facebook is ageist. It appears that once you hit 30 the option to be looking for ‘whatever i can get’ or ‘Random play’ disappear! And if you were already on facebook with those selected and turn 30, it automatically changes your settings to just ‘Friendship’ without notifying you. Stunning. Surely this is a violation of privacy in the sense that it alters the way you have chosen to represent yourself? If you are not there for friendship and want to be known as a sleazy pervert who only wants Random play and definately no friends, wouldn’t you be upset to be mis-represented as a harmless friendly person?

Anyone know the reasons for Facebook’s thinking behind this?

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  1. OK I found the answer. Facebook has removed these options for non-college users. Maybe originally they did it for over 30s, because when I wrote this post, I wasn’t a college user and I had these options available to me, whilst my 30+ colleagues didn’t. And now they’ve gone for me too.

    Read Michael Bauer’s experience and reply from facebook here.

    *edit 26 december 2007* Actually I seem to have some under-30s friends who have never been a college user and they have the random play and whatever I can get options. So what’s the difference between myself and them? They are in other countries. I think who has access to those options has something to do with what country you’re in, as well as whether you’re a college member or not, and possibly also to do with age. Who knows?!

  2. Thanks for the comment Anne, I just went and checked my own options and they’ve disappeared for me too (and I’m under 30 as well). Strange. Investigation is needed I think…

    Does anyone have these options any more I wonder? If they were removed, did Facebook warn anyone? And what was their reasoning?

  3. i do think that this rule is stupid. but, i am under the age of 30 and random play and whatever i can get just disappeared from my facebook as well. This makes me angry, because their is no reason for it to be gone.

  4. I just got out a relationship about 3 months ago and I thought it was time to add back the Looking For stuff and my Random Play and Whatever I Can Get are gone!

    I only wanted to put the Whatever I Can Get up there, but it’s not an option. I already contacted them and asked them about it.. just waiting for their reply now

  5. I am really not happy about this change. I have recently come out of my shell, and want to meet people for casual encounters – not necessarily sexual, but I do want to allow myself that option. It just doesn’t seem fair that just when I am ready to open up and live a little, I am not given a chance to on Facebook.
    I wish they would change it back.

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