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No Cop Out for Wildlife campaign

This post is requested on behalf of a Lush Cosmetics campaign, and I support its aims, to raise awareness of the need to properly police wildlife crime. Vote for a police crime commissioner on the 15th November who wants to protect wildlife. Also people should consider the commissioners’ opinions towards strike laws, protest laws, freedom of speech, internet rights regarding content sharing and privacy etc. and how these are policed. If anyone has some good advice on who to vote for regarding these things please comment as I could do with some advice myself.

Did you know that on the 15th November there are Police and Crime Commissioner elections happening across England and Wales? 
The truth is these elections are completely under the radar, despite the soon to be elected commissioners having access to unprecedented power over constabulary funding.

Lush Ltd have launched the ‘No Cop Out For Wildlife Campaign’ calling for candidates to enforce the foxhunting ban and allocate proper resources to policing wildlife crime. And they need your help in telling people about the elections and the importance of voting for a wildlife-friendly Police Commissioner.

To get involved, Lush want you to join their social media hunting pack. 
They have assembled a bunch of tools to help you spread the word about wildlife-friendly candidates, from blogging to tweeting or creative competitions, there is a way you can support this campaign.

Come on over to and discover more about the elections and how together we can protect British wildlife.

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