Beth Granter

Freelance digital consultant for charities

Films for the BBC; websites for WASD…

In the last 4 months I’ve produced these films:

Nom’s Art

Asha’s Sex Work

Hot Frollick Drag Troupe

With another one in the pipeline about international women’s day and flash mobs.

Also nearing completion is my re-development/design of the World Association for Sustainable Development site

And I did this MySpace profile for Handicap International and am supposed to be doing some more soon.

Just posting this so I don’t lose track… I really need to update my website/portfolio, it is in a horrendous state and I am ashamed of it.

The dilemma is that if I’m marketing myself as a web designer, I guess I should spend time making my own website beautiful, even though something like WordPress could do the job perfectly of showing examples of my work. I dunno. I think I should do a mixture or something. At least until I have enough examples to make my work speak for itself (even through a wordpress blog!).

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