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I like lists. Here’s another set of my delicious links, this time art related. To reiterate, I don’t usually save the really obvious stuff to delicious, or the really easy to find stuff. This is a mixture of digital art, new media curation and illustration. Lots of it I discovered whilst doing my MA in Digital Media as I did my dissertation on curating new media art. Please recommend others in the comments!

  • /Seconds – online publishing project initiated and edited by Derek Horton and Peter Lewis, designed by Graham Hibbert and supported by an international editorial and advisory board of academics, artists and curators.1800-recycling – a recycling blog, with art
  • 241543903 – Flickr meme where people take photos of their head in a freezer and tag it with the number 241543903
  • – 391 was first published by the poet and artist Francis Picabia in 1917 and was a bridge between the Zürich dadaists, French surrealists, Marcel Duchamp and others. continues to experiment but with the use of multi/digital/’new’-media. Part of the DADA movement
  • Access Points – Squat (word of mouth) – very cool digital art project by

  • Art Threat – online publication devoted to political art and cultural policy
  • babel remix runran – remixed lo-fi multimedia art
  • – coolest 4-direction user interface experience to explore this graphic designer’s work
  • Candy Chang – a public installation artist, designer, urban planner, and co-founder of Civic Center who likes to make cities more comfortable for people
  • CONT3XT.NET – curating new media art blog
  • Depthcore – digital art & media collective
  • Design Observer – online design magazine
  • Directors’ Notes – a blog and interview & video podcast dedicated to independent filmmaking
  • Draw Me Something – blog by artist Patrick Hruby
  • Explodingdog – awesome artist who draws things on request

  • Frank Stockton – awesome illustrator
  • Furtherfield – net art magazine – “Our mission is to co-create extraordinary art that connects with contemporary audiences providing innovative, engaging and inclusive digital and physical spaces for appreciating and participating in practices in art, technology and social change.”
  • Gaping Void – funny daily cartoons
  • Glitch browser – now defunct but archived interesting new media art project
  • Google Art – art based on Google search
  • hello° – a French illustrator based in Brighton, UK
  • Infinite Flickr project
  • Inviva – Institute of International Visual Arts
  • k a t e m o r o s s – illustrator
  • Learn something every day – daily facts doodled

  • Liber Amoris – my mate Tash draws cool stuff
  • Multi – the journal of plurality and diversity in design, a digital peer-reviewed, open access journal that serves the international design community.
  • – the site I built to archive the art show I curated for my MA in Digital Media
  • Okido – science and arts magazine for kids
  • PIXELS by PATRICK JEAN – pixel video art
  • Public Curating – new media art blog
  • Rhizome – digital art. “Rhizome is dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology.”
  • Stanza – an expert in arts technology, CCTV, online networks, touch screens, environmental sensors, and interactive artworks
  • Sterf – video art
  • Studio XX – Montreal based feminist digital art centre
  • – digital || art || media || hub
  • Tara McPherson – one of my favourite rock artists
  • THE JOHNNY CASH PROJECT – “Working with a single image as a template, and using a custom drawing tool, you’ll create a unique and personal portrait of Johnny. Your work will then be combined with art from participants around the world, and integrated into a collective whole: a music video for “Ain’t No Grave”, rising from a sea of one-of-a-kind portraits.”
  • the thing is… – A magazine of cultural commentary and creative writing
  • twistori – twitter stories live streamed around emotions (I love this one)
  • – popular pictures – a social bookmarking site for pictures
  • We Feel Fine – similar to twistori, data visualisation of different emotions online – you can split this up by demographic of users too. This is one of my favourite ever sites. I first discovered it in 2008
  • We <3 it – image and video social bookmarking
  • Workbook Project – open creative collaborative network
  • YouTube Play – Developed by YouTube and the Guggenheim museum showcasing online video practitioners

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