Beth Granter

Freelance digital consultant for charities

Lies, secrets and silence – Adrienne Rich

Written in the 70s, this is a collection of talks and essays by an important figure in feminist literature and action. The book is separated well into different topics, some which didn’t seem that relevant any more, or to me, but a lot of it analysed other literature directly, removing the need to read other texts on the topic. A good introduction to feminism, it was the first feminist book I ever read and lead me to read The Whole Woman (above). Very inspiring, a pleasure to read due to the many quotes and poems etc. and the personal viewpoints and experiences gave insight to the author’s stuggle, making me feel affection and closeness for her. I felt the book held a motherly tone from an obviously passionate woman. I only hope she became partly satisfied with herself with age as the book describes the angst and desperation all activists feel during their fight.

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