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Last.FM makes it easy to trash your friends

Just noticed on the Last.FM friends page that when you hover over a friend in your friends list, the corner of the box (containing a particular friend’s profile picture) peels over and displays a trashcan. I mean, rubbish bin.

lastfm friend 1 …to… lastfm friend 2 …to… lastfm friend 3

Clicking on the person’s picture takes you to that person’s profile page. The trashcan makes me a bit nervous to click here though, since it only appears when you hover over a person, it might make you think that person would get deleted from your friend list if you click the person.

Mouse over the trashcan and it opens. Click the trashcan itself and you cancel the friendship.

Don’t worry LilDAISYcrow, I’m not going to delete you.

I really like how this interface makes it easy to delete people right from your friend list, without having to go to a separate page for that process, and I really like the corner of the box turning over, and the rubbish bin opening when you mouse over it. I might do something similar on my work project (SPLASH). But I would want to avoid making a rubbish bin appear when you hover over something which when clicked doesn’t actually trash anything.

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