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Freelance digital consultant for charities Loved Tracks RSS feed and cowgirl pinups

You can get your own RSS feed of your recently loved tracks on via this Yahoo Pipes application by Amit. Awesome! I’ve wanted this for ages. I’ve put my feed at the bottom of my blog here, for now.

In other news, I did a new illustration of a cowgirl pinup:

cowgirl pinup


It needs more work. I’m going to simplify it. Also I don’t know if I said but I have been doing a few pictures of my boyfriend with Antlers and blood on his head. They’re on my flickr.

*** Update ***

Since I noticed this post is really popular and lots of people are coming here by searching for ‘cowgirl pinups‘, you can now buy a large poster of the above via  my CafePress store, here.  I’ll try and get around to putting it on more products but if there’s a specific one or size you’d like let me know and I’ll sort it as a priority.  Thanks!

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