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I know I’m not a computer / Last.FM RSS is cute

If you click the RSS feed link in Last.FM, instead of seeing the messy-looking xml  file you usually get, you get this lovely friendly message and explanation:


I do like the pink RSS icon in the corner… and below this was a nice human-readable list of items which are in the RSS feed (not in xml – just written out in plain English).

I can’t figure out how to put this in an RSS feed I create though – as I can’t see it in the file itself!  I’ll google that up next week.

All this talk of RSS is due to the fact that I just created not only MY first RSS file, but the University of Sussex’s first actual proper podcast (that we’re aware of anyway).  People had been calling them podcasts because the MP3 files were available online, but you couldn’t actually subscribe to them until yesterday.  You can now subscribe to a podcast of Sussex Lectures.

One response to “I know I’m not a computer / Last.FM RSS is cute”

  1. Yes, I agree; it’s really cute!

    Too bad most of the site doesn’t have RSS support; I’d like to be able to see Social Data like Top Artists and Top Songs in a feed!

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