Groupon and eHarmony identity politics FAIL

Worst case of restrictive Title options I’ve seen so far. Shall I be male or married today?! Seen on www.groupon.co.uk

And THEN, trying to sign up to eHarmony and am confronted with the choice – do I want a relationship with a Man or a Woman? Because you can’t choose ‘either’! What am I supposed to do, sign up twice?! Massive fail eHarmony. Seriously – non-homosexual queer people don’t want a relationship?

eHarmony - dont make me choose!
eHarmony - don't make me choose!

It might be harder work on your algorithms, but if you’re gonna make a dating/relationship site or any site with a personal profile, you seriously need someone with a basic understanding of identity politics to give it the once over. Until they sort this out, I’m boycotting eHarmony on principle.

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One thought on “Groupon and eHarmony identity politics FAIL

  1. This is shoddy stuff, isn’t it?

    I guess the first one is a hasty slip-up – they haven’t even included ‘Miss’.

    The second one is interesting. I’m no techie, but surely ‘Men and Women’ shouldn’t be much harder for them to calculate than customers specifying one or the other. Maybe they didn’t regard this as important and have misjudged the effect of effectively excluding a chunk of their potential audience.

    Are you contacting Groupon and eHarmony to ask for their thoughts?

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