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Latest extra-curricular activity to-do list

Stuff I can’t wait to do, some being more realistic goals than others:

  • Finish my book chapter about online democracy (due 01 March 2009!)
  • Draw another person on my new drawing tablet
  • Get back to the people who were interested in doing a collaborative comic book thingy
  • Upload my existing artwork to various products on CafePress
  • Refresh my MySpace profile and turn it into a promo area for my illustration
  • Sand down that annoying bottom drawer on my chest of drawers that never opens smoothly
  • Move my blog to
  • Start posting descriptions of my useful links on delicious in my blog posts
  • Earn more money doing pretty much what I’m doing now
  • Be a more ethical eater
  • Live near a beach
  • Live somewhere hot

OK maybe I should add these to my 43 things… haven’t been there for a while…

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