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Flirtman – mobile computer game gone physical

When I was doing my MA dissertation on curating new media art, I saw some videos of projects like this, where people remotely control an actor and watch them perform whatever instructions are given via video link. The organiser of this upcoming interactive physical space / digital / mobile art project is looking for people to get involved – see the post below (from Rhizome). If I had more time I’d certainly be interested in having a go at this, probably more as the person playing the game (like playing God) rather than being the actor!


Some fun for a volunteer helping to run public tests of FLIRTMAN in U.K. this summer

A free game for mobile phones, which turns people into social viruses with unpredictable behavior. The computer game taken out of the box and placed back into the reality. A hired actor equipped with a hidden mobile phone is walking around and anybody can control him by mobile phone using it as remote control. People can control his movement and send him simple commands, like kneel down, hug, kiss etc… When the actor hears these commands, he has to do them, but still act natural. You can imagine how it affects social games…

It similar to these works
Project website (in progress)

A volunteer actor – to be controlled remotely (kind of “live avatar”), approximately 2 hours. A “hidden theatre” experience.
Needed skills: brave heart, a bit social behavior.

30 per session (approximately 2 hours) (I assume that’s £ pounds)

Glasgow: 15.8. / afternoon and/or evening
Edinburgh: 16.8, 17.8. / afternoon and/or evening
London: 19.8., 20.8., 21.8., / afternoon and/or evening
Manchester: 22.8. / afternoon

Test rabbits can contact Petr Svarovsky via email: or SMS: +47 928 13 858

[vimeo 1618417]

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