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So I started up my Cafepress store today. Apart from my illustration which I’d uploaded a while back, I put up the t-shirt slogan: FAG ENABLER. I don’t have a television but I’d heard people had seen a Louis Theroux (sp?) program last week about a family of Americans who think that anyone who is a friend of gay people is a ‘Fag Enabler‘ and is doomed to hell. And this is apparently why there are wars – because God Hates Fag Enablers just as much as he hates Fags, and America, because it doesn’t outlaw homosexuality, is a Fag Enabler.

My first reaction was – “I want a tshirt that says FAG ENABLER on it!”. So yeah, I made one. Stand by for further experiences with Christians and Cafe Press. I wonder if I’ll get hate mail…

Also, if you hadn’t noticed, I’m experimenting doing useful linking to try and get good google ranking!

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