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Facebook hookup anomaly

When you accept a friend request on Facebook, you’re given the option to add detail about how you know that person. You used to be able to add ‘We hooked up’ here. Today I discovered that this option is missing:

No hookup

Panicking that my whole list of hookups would have disappeared from Facebook, I rushed over to check my complete friend list. Luckily, the hookup data is still there. What’s more, at this point you can then go into the ‘edit details’ of how you know someone and put the hookup info in there:


I wonder why they removed the hookup option from one dialogue and left it in another? Unless this was an accident?  I know sometimes Facebook give different features to different users depending on age and/or country, so maybe this has something to do with that?  Does anyone else get the option to have ‘hooked up’ with someone they accept friendship from in the initial ‘add details’ dialogue anymore?

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  1. Yeah where I come from “we hooked up” means we got together for sex so that would fall under the offensive for some. As a web designer sometimes you forget to remove a a link from all possible places so sometimes you remove it from one but others linger. But more likely is that this is a database issue. Sometimes you can’t take away a field without assigning to something else so this maybe something they are working on.

  2. It was probably something deriving from the old high school adage where a guy is like “Sure, I totally hooked up with her, when obviously he did not”. I suppose this started happening on FaceBook as well and embarrassing younger people, possibly causing FaceBook to face some kind of 3rd party harrassment charge.

    It is still there, because they probably just removed the index choice of that being an option in their database but left the historical text written choice. That way they don’t disturb historical reference data for those that liked it, but they also don’t support juvenile harrassment.

  3. Why would it disturb some people in one area of the interface and not in the other? My point was that the ‘hookup’ option is now only available through an indirect route, but it’s still there, so I doubt they removed it for being offensive or they would have removed it totally surely?

    I can see online people still on Facebook so I’m not sure what you mean.

  4. maybe it was disturbing some people of some cultures, some religions, some countries. what you mean “hooked up” ? 🙂

    by the way we cant see the online people anymore on facebook. did you notice?

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