Elgg is confused today

Just started testing out Elgg and getting involved in the Elgg forums. Have already started writing some documentation as what is there already seems a bit thin in places. Unfortunately this means I’ve started getting private messages through Elgg asking complicated php questions about Elgg installation and customisation which I have no idea about – I’ve only been doing it for a week!

The other day I commented on someone elses post in the Running Elgg community and chose to ‘watch’ that topic. Then in my inbox I received the following message:

elgg message

For a start, Elgg should know that I am Beth Granter. Secondly, I don’t need to be sent the message that I wrote myself. Thirdly, it wasn’t MY blog post, it was by someone called Emma.

Note to self – fix this in our own installation!

*Edit* I just went back to Elgg to tell the other people who messaged me that I don’t know how to help and /messages/ has given me a 404 error!

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2 thoughts on “Elgg is confused today

  1. The site’s being upgraded at the moment. Check back later and all should be well.

    Very true re: the comment notifications – to be honest, that whole part of the system is due a rewrite. Something for the new Elgg open source community to talk about and change, I think!

  2. Ah yes it’s working now thanks!

    I was wondering – the messages I am getting have the subject after [community name] e.g. ‘[Running Elgg] messagesubject’. Does that mean the sender just sent the message to the whole community and I got it because I am part of the community? Or would they have to have messaged me personally?

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