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Dorries votes mapped with Google Fusion Tables

With the help of my colleague Steve who provided me the geo data for all of the constituencies, and the Public Whip site to get all the vote details, and Google Fusion Tables to do the mapping, here’s a map of how everyone voted on Dorries’ abstinence teaching for girls sex education bill on its first reading. Blue pins are YES votes, green pins are NO votes, small yellow dots were absent. Small blue dots voted YES and NO (both). You can click them to see the name of the MP and the constituency.

I might update this to show email replys people have got from their MPs if I get chance!

Stop Dorries’ abstinence for girls sex education bill.

How I did it:

  • I took the data from Public Whip and copy-pasted it into an excel spreadsheet.
  • Then I duplicated the vote column and did a find-replace on votes to convert them to numbers – absent = -1, no = 0, aye = 1, both = 2, just in the duplicate column.
  • Then Steve used the TheyWorkForYou API to get the geo data for each constituency and converted it to .csv.
  • I copied the constituency geo data across to the Public Whip voting data spreadsheet.
  • Then I uploaded it to Google Fusion Tables and made it public, you can see that here (click the > button to see more columns).
  • Choose Vizualize > Map > Configure styles
  • Set styles as follows – use four buckets and set the figures so all the different voting options fall into a different bucket:
  • Grab the embed code and whack it into your website or blog post! Kaboom!

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