Beth Granter

Freelance digital consultant for charities

Digital activism

Last week I did a little presentation on Digital Activism at the Brighton and Hove Socialist Party meeting. Here it is, all the slides are just images but all my notes are on the notes tab (if you view this presentation on Slideshare) and you can download the presentation too. The commentary is pretty much all taken from all over the internet, but I’ve referenced all my sources so hopefully nobody minds. You can download my notes here: digital activism PDF.

Thinking about giving presentations and public speaking lately… I’ve done conference speaking to groups of 80-100 marketers without much worry before, but put me in front of 10 people I really really respect and admire (like some awesome clients, proper geeks, or highly intellectual socialists) and I totally freak out. So yeah, my presentation didn’t really go that well due to nerves… I need to work on that!

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