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Dear, please sort your website out so I can give you money

Today I researched some savings accounts since my HSBC one has gone crap. looked the best, instant access, 3.5% interest etc.  Tried to sign up.  Their website is so crap I couldn’t believe it.  Apparently it’s OK on IE but sod trying that.  They are an internet only UK bank and their site is half broken in Firefox!  Apart from half of the submit/next/cancel buttons not even loading, their radio buttons are all over the place and I had to use the Firefox web developer plugin to ‘inspect element’ to double check which radio button was attached to which label.  Then I got timed out.  The second time I tried to sign up the form loaded a bit better, but I got to the terms and conditions and was about to click submit and finalise my signup when I was faced with this epic FAIL:


OK, no way am I signing up for an internet only savings account when the site does crazy crap like that.  Imagine the mistakes you could make once you’re signed up!  “Hello, I’d like to pay this bill.  Oh dear I just lost all my money because your radio buttons are in the wrong place.”

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