Beth Granter

Freelance digital consultant for charities

Curating New Media Art

This study examines issues surrounding the curating of new media art, looking at pressures on curators to honour concepts in the art they hope to display, alongside practical issues of promotion, dealing with art museum management, preservation and archiving of the work. This is done through examining three new media art projects as case studies: ‘Desert Rain’ by Blast Theory, ‘Desktop Subversibles’ by Jonah Brucker-Cohen and ‘Uncomfortable Proximity’ by Harwood@Mongrel. The case studies are followed by a critical analysis of the curation of a new media art show, ‘’ which was organised to support this paper. The curation of this art show is documented in a website which accompanies this paper on CD, and is at the date of publication at

The whole essay is available here: Curating New Media Art – Beth Granter

The appendix is available as a PDF : Curating New Media Art Appendix

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