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bloody cartoon of claudia


My latest illustration in my Zombie Girl series. Might play around with the blood, put it on her skin or something…

The blood I took from my zombie film box set, ‘box of blood’.  It has a screen with fake blood in it, so I tipped it about and took photos of that, then converted it to vector, made the white bits transparent, simplified the paths, cut it down to about 3 colours, then superimposed it on a black background behind Claudia.

The image of Claudia is from two pictures – her hair from one, her face and shoulders from another.  She’s supposed to look a bit like a ‘bust’, but might just look like a thalidimide person.  I’m not sure…  :/

One response to “claudiablood”

  1. I like it but I’d also like to see it with blood running down over her like a waterfall or a bucket of baked beans on a stupid tv show.

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