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An Evolutionary and Ecological Ethic – Kovlofsky

Written in 1974, this is also a collection of essays by an important figure in philosophy. Again separated into different topics which follow on well from one another when read in order, but still make sense individually. This is one book which changed my life forever, and in saying that I think it should be compulsory reading for every person in the world. It holds within it lessons for almost every aspect of life, answers so many questions a good person’s heart always asks. It was a reminder of the morals I already held in my heart, a gateway to what I already knew was true, it just clarifies my own ethical structure and defines the details. I could almost give it to a stranger with a note attached saying – this is my bible, but I had it in my heart before I ever read it anyway. Read it now. It can save your soul. Reject your religious lies today, think for yourself and take ideas from this book. I believe it can make you happy. It is actually the best book in the world ever, and don’t try to argue with me, I am right.

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