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Femen & Translating Twitter with Yahoo Pipes

The other week I was reading about FEMEN (Фемен), a feminist movement in Ukraine and their controversial protest tactics which involve going topless whilst wearing traditional flower wreaths. Inspired, I went to their blog to read more. It’s in Ukrainian, so although I could keep visiting and using Google Translate each time, I wanted to subscribe in a more real-time way. So I created a translated version of their Twitter account using Yahoo Pipes and Twitterfeed to do so. You can read how I did it in step-by-step instructions on my work blog here: Translating Twitter with Yahoo Pipes.

On the issue of whether Femen going topless detracts from the issues they’re trying to get across, I believe that although they are going to get criticised for using the objectification of women as their tool, they are going to get a lot more coverage doing so, and until we sort the system out, it’s fair enough to use the system against itself.

Ripped by the Russian Bear
17 May 2010 FEMEN Activist posing topless at Bankovaya St with President of Ukraine sign at the background. Bear scratches symbolize their protest against a pro-Russian politics of Yanukovich that will lead to ruining national interests and influence badly on women.

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