43Things suspended my account!

Today I wanted to log in to my 43Things account so I could show my new colleagues what the site was all about, but was told my username or password were incorrect.  So I followed the ‘forgot username’ procedure and 43Things emailed me ‘bethgranter’ as my username to my registered email account at myemail@somewhere.com.  Then I tried to follow the ‘forgot password’ procedure and was told that username was not registered to that email address, even though 43Things had just emailed me saying that it was.  I tried to visit my page at www.43things.com/person/bethgranter and it seems 43Things have suspended my account.  I was never warned of this.  I have emailed them asking that they re-open my account and let me know why they removed it ASAP, as I have no idea what the reason could be.

Disclaimer: There’s maybe a 1% chance I cancelled my account and forgot about it but I very much doubt it because I love(d) 43Things and had spent time on my profile there.

*edit* Today 43Things.com got back to me to let me know my account had been suspended in error, so they re-enstated my profile.  The suspension was due to an apparent ‘hidden link’ to a site that had adverts on it.  The offending site was ExplorationAge.com, as I had put an ExplorationAge blog badge widget within a comment on 43Things, which contained a link to my profile on ExplorationAge.  Apparently a linked image counts as a ‘hidden link’.  Weird.  I’ve asked if it’s ok to put a link back in, but make it ‘visible’ as a text link, so I’ll see what they say.

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3 thoughts on “43Things suspended my account!

  1. I’m trying to find someone to help me and I found this page through Google. I have been trying to contact 43 things and everytime I do a notice comes up saying I’ve done something wrong. I’ve even tried every category they offer – everyone…. there isn’t much I could be doing wrong, it doesn’t ask for anything but my subject. I know this is stupid putting this here, but you said you had contacted them… I can’t figure out how. Sorry for imposing myself in your space.

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