This archive of the work that was shown at the exhibition hopes to give some idea of the experience of being a part of the audience of the show.

[you need a quicktime compatible browser to play the videos - download mozilla firefox at]

view the foundry videos [Neil Antcliffe]

view the cherry heart video [Steve Glashier]
...then download a 3gp version and bluetooth it to your mobile
[right/control click and 'save file as']

view a video of the petecubes in action [Peter Bennett]

view a video of the flow chart adventure [John Harrison] [sound by DJ Food]
...then download a blank flow chart template for your own use
[right/control click and 'save file as']

view a video of the scroll story being used [John Harrison & Richard Fraser] [sound by Alias]

you need flash shockwave player to use the crazymum oracle [Richard Fraser]

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[videos filmed by What What before editing]