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  • Media coverage

    These are just examples, it isn’t a complete list. Quoting me directly: ‘Shocking’ level of sexual harassment at music festivals – BBC. This story was also in The Sun and many others. Petition launched urging Brewdog to pull “offensive” campaign – PR Week and many others. Fox Hunting Fight Fires Up UK Animal Lovers: Conservative […]

  • Why Brewdog’s new ‘trans’ beer is pink-washing

    *please share if you agree and comment if you have additional thoughts* BrewDog beer have announced a ‘non-binary transgender’ beer in time for their Soho bar launch. They’re donating profits to LGBT causes. All donations to good causes are most welcome, and this was one of the demands of the Care2 petition, so I’m pleased […]

  • One month of messages I didn’t reply to on Plenty Of Fish #POF. Or, why I am single II.

    When I was in San Francisco in January I found a zine which was called, “Messages I have received on OKCupid”. I liked it. So… continuing my theme of blogging about dating… I thought I’d write down my last month’s worth of messages I got on Plenty Of Fish. POF has volume, but lacks quality, generally speaking. Of […]

  • 98 reasons I swiped left on Tinder. Or, why I am single.

    Further to my ‘How not to do Tinder‘ post, I felt like documenting the reasons I swiped left (no) on Tinder, in response to 98 of 100 people’s profiles. I thought, maybe I’ll learn something? I guess it confirms that I’m super judgmental. I’m working on that… In the meantime, enjoy… Surprisingly, no drugged tiger pics, […]

  • I met with ATVOD to talk about porn laws with sex worker Charlotte Rose

    A recent change to UK law has banned activities such as female ejaculation and face-sitting, amongst other things, when filmed and sold by porn producers in the UK. It does not ban male ejaculation. The law was not discussed in parliament, meaning it was passed undemocratically. In April I had a meeting in Windsor with ATVOD, the […]

  • A little update on the Greek debt crisis

    Care2 petition to cancel greek debt

    On Sunday 5 June, the Greek people voted ‘Oxi’ (‘No’) to an austerity (cuts and privatisation) plan for the Troika to continue to financially support Greece, and to loan it more money. However, yesterday (Thursday), the Greek prime minister has offered pretty much the equivalent to what the people voted ‘no’ on, as an alternative […]

  • Questions for the PLO

    Police at a protest

    I have an idea. I have organised demonstrations in the past couple of years – outside Parliament for better sex education, and in Brighton in solidarity with Russian LGBTQ people. Both of these went ahead without any trouble, but I was always unsure where I stood in terms of the law. So I’ve decided to […]

  • Trans/genderqueer friendly survey/user data capture methodology

    E-campaigning forum email list demographics

    For a number of years I’ve been naming and shaming websites which force you to choose from binary gender options (male/female). This is because some people aren’t male or female, or don’t really want to tell a website which they are. They might be genderqueer, somewhere in-between or outside of these definitions, or identify as […]

  • New illustration – self portrait zombie

    Megabeth self portrait zombie

    New illustration of myself as a zombie, in two colour choices… which do you prefer?

  • New vector illustration: Ruth

    Illustration of woman with pink hair on black background

    I did a new illustration today, of my friend Ruth Oliver. I’m using Inkscape which I’d never used until a couple of weeks ago.

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