I’ve applied to be an MP candidate for Chingford & Woodford Green

I’ve just sent in my application to be considered for selection to be a Parliamentary candidate in Chingford & Woodford Green. Unfortunately I missed the process whereby Unite and Momentum chose their candidate to support, so would be especially grateful for any nominations I receive from branches and affiliated groups.

Here’s my biography outlining why I think I would make a good MP.

I am a committed socialist with experience of campaigning for women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, anti-austerity and animal welfare. I joined the Labour Party in December 2015 after being inspired by Jeremy Corbyn’s left-wing policies.

If I am selected to be an MP candidate for Chingford & Woodford Green, I will work extremely hard to be elected. I will listen to the needs and priorities of local people. If elected, I will vote in Parliament against austerity measures, for (re)nationalisation of public services (especially the NHS), for workers’ rights, and for justice and equality for all oppressed groups. I will be highly accessible and responsive to those I represent.

I currently work as a full time Campaigner, heading up UK campaigns at the progressive social network Care2. In this role I deliver campaigns both online and offline (from writing petitions to organising demos). I work with individual members of the public on their campaigns (e.g. against local cuts to their services), as well as with national campaigning organisations (e.g. the TUC) on lobbying MPs and the Government. I often speak to journalists as an advocate for these campaigns. This gives me a thorough understanding of political activism and processes from the ground up, and knowledge of a broad range of issues, which I feel will make me an effective MP.

I moved to London 13 months ago and am now the Women’s Officer for Tower Hamlets CLP. In this role I have devised a campaign strategy, facilitated external speakers on topical issues such as sexual harassment, and trans rights, and successfully campaigned for the election of our women council candidates.

I am the GC delegate to my CLP for my trade union branch, Unite London Print, and I am also a union branch officer. When I was the GC delegate for Tower Hamlets Women’s Forum I successfully advocated for Women’s Forum motions to pass at CLP level. E.g. passing a policy for all local members to receive training about sexual harassment.

Before moving to London, I lived in Brighton where I was also elected as a GC delegate for Withdean ward. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I formed the Brighton branch of Queers Against Cuts, organising an anti-austerity bloc on the Brighton Pride march in 2012. I was also the primary organiser for Brighton Pro-Choice for a number of years, which included being a panelist in a live BBC TV debate on the issue of abortion rights.

Before working as a Campaigner, I worked as a Digital Consultant for marketing agencies with charity and corporate clients. This experience in senior-level consulting and communications means I am confident and taken seriously, which translates well to political negotiating.

I have also worked as a waitress, barmaid, cleaner and in retail. Working in these jobs for minimum wage has given me some understanding of how under-valued these roles can be.

I grew up in Cheshire, with my father working with people with special educational needs, and my mother receiving disability benefits. As such I am a big advocate for the welfare state and the NHS. I went to a state comprehensive school and then to the University of Sussex to study Biology (BSc), then Digital Media (MA).

I recognise the fact that I do not currently live in this constituency may count against me (I do live nearby, in Tower Hamlets) but I feel that my experience makes me a quality candidate nonetheless. I look forward to meeting local CLP members and I hope I am selected to stand to represent the Chingford & Woodford Green residents.




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