Tim Farron has voted against LGBT rights and women’s rights

First off, yes I know Theresa May and most Tories are worse. Don’t vote for them.

But because loads of people are annoyed at Labour right now for various reasons, reasonable people are considering voting Liberal Democrat, forgiving them for their coalition with the Tories where they broke all their promises and screwed over students and everyone else. So when the Lib Dem leader Tim Farron got caught out this week again for having difficulty answering (refusing to answer) the question of whether he thought homosexuality was a sin (the next day in Parliament he said ‘no’ to this question finally…), loads of people jumped to his defence to say that whatever his religious beliefs, he had a good voting record on LGBT rights. This was because in his interview he said he was all for LGBT rights and equality, and when you look on TheyWorkForYou, it says he’s ‘mostly’ voted in favour of gay rights. Also the Lib Dem LGBT person put out a Huffpost article saying how great he was with LGBT rights stuff.

But dig deeper for the truth.



There’s probably more that I’ve  missed when just searching keywords on his whole voting record here but I’m hungry now so am off out to get food.

PS, Vote Labour. Here’s Corbyn’s voting record. Maybe I should do a comparison at some point…


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