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I got tagged (by Rowan Stanfield) in a game of blog tag a while ago and I only just got around to doing this. So here’s 8 random things about me.

1. I’ve done a round-the-world trip twice. My favourite cities have been Melbourne, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver and New York (and of course Brighton!). New Zealand is over-rated. New Delhi (and surrounding area) is depressing. Hawaii is full of tourists. Fiji is beautiful but full of honeymooners and Christians.

2. I am impressed by films involving aliens, robots, zombies, gore, explosions, and big guns.

3. I am scared of the dark. Possibly due to over exposure to things in point 2.

4. I am constantly looking for a new job, even when I like my current one. I think I like to keep up to date with what opportunites exist, and how much I *could* earn.

5. despite point 4, tells me I am unambitious. I think that’s because I put lots of things before money/ownership, but I think OKCupid has ambition confused with materialism. I’ve been on OKCupid for years and years. It’s good for self-obsession but nearly everyone on there is really ugly.

6. I play World of Warcraft. My main character is currently level 45. I don’t obsess over it, but have been known to play for about 5 hours in a row on occasion. Even though I find it repetitive, it’s quite a good way to unwind. When I was about 16 I had to ban myself from playing Doom because I started to tense up when approaching a corner in real life, envisioning flaming skulls coming at me from the other side. I went cold turkey on it.

7. I’m totally fat-ist. I think people should know when to stop eating and just not be fat. If you eat too much, you are greedy and weak. It’s a sign of lack of self control. I just don’t like looking at fat people. I know this is hypocritical because I’d quite like to gain about a stone and I find that hard. Oh well, I’m a hypocrite and a bad person.

8. I did a Biology degree and specialised in evolution and mating behaviour. So I know lots of strange facts about slug mating rituals, field mouse penises and how environmental resources relate to monogammy/polygammy. I do tend to apply my knowledge of evolution to understanding human behaviour, relationships and flirtation.

OK so now I have to tag 8 people and they can do the same if they like (but they don’t have to):

Jeremy Keith (adactio)

Christine Hennessey (evilolive)

Shannon Ritter (micala)

Dave Stone (builtbydave)

Josh Russell

Trevor May (antikewl)

Richard Bacchus (dubnacious)

Paul Burgess (delarge)

Andy Budd

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9 thoughts on “Blog tag / eight random things

  1. Ha! I just saw that you tagged me. I’ll get around to it sooner or later. Probably later. 🙂

    I like item 5. Ambition and materialism are confused too often, and that’s a shame.

  2. Fat people hate having you look at them. Or hearing you breathe. Or, you know, you being alive, they find that repugnant too.

  3. Muahaha – That anonymous comment was from an IP address in Texas. If you Google “american state statistics overweight” without the quotes, the first thing to come up is “Texas Overweight and Obesity Statistics”.

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