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I met with ATVOD to talk about porn laws with sex worker Charlotte Rose

A recent change to UK law has banned activities such as female ejaculation and face-sitting, amongst other things, when filmed and sold by porn producers in the UK. It does not ban male ejaculation. The law was not discussed in parliament, meaning it was passed undemocratically. In April I had...

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PR #fail: FHM lists androgynous Marxist male model Andrej Pejic as 98th sexiest woman, refers to him as a ‘thing’, then deletes the article

FHM have deleted the original page with this article on and it’s not even in Google’s cache, but here’s the screenshot (via mediaite). FHM have now apologised in a non-transparent way which doesn’t reference what the original article did wrong. What it did wrong, was call Andrej a ‘thing’,...

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