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Digital ecosystems

I wrote a post about digital ecosystems on the Brilliant Noise blog. Having studied animal communication, behaviour and habitats, I like to understand the world from an ecological perspective. This translates very well to understanding digital ecosystems. We can map the key elements of a biological ecosystem to those...

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Free tools for social media research and measurement

I’ve updated my presentation on free tools for social media research and measurement. This was first done in 2010 for Social Media World Forum, and went down very well, getting 11K+ views and being featured on the Slideshare homepage. So I hope this updated version will be useful too!...

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Google Ad Planner is going to get less useful for research :(

I just got the following email from Google Ad Planner, and it sounds like some disappointing changes are afoot. I use Google AdPlanner for research for social media campaigns – to identify potential partners, to understand audience behaviours online in terms of what their top websites are etc., and...

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Round up of my other blog posts

I’ve been blogging, but not here. Here’s the posts I’ve written on my work’s blog. Click the titles for the full articles. Engaging Networks’ #spark11 conference for non-profits On Tuesday 14 June 2011 I attended Engaging Networks’ Spark event in London. Engaging Networks is the new name for Advocacy...

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