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Stop #Dorries’ abstinence for girls sex education bill

Nadine Dorries, Conservative MP, who has voted against equal gay rights in the past, has just successfully proposed a bill to teach GIRLS (specifically) the ‘benefits’ of abstinence from ‘sexual activity’! Who’s up for starting a big campaign against this dangerous heteronormative sexist anti-sex bill before its second reading...

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A to Z of activism

Continuing to share my delicious links, here’s my top activism links so far. To reiterate, I don’t usually save the really obvious stuff to delicious, or the really easy to find stuff. 38 Degrees | people. power. change. – Democratically crowdsourcing campaign ideas. Act Responsible –  responsible communication on...

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Digital activism

Last week I did a little presentation on Digital Activism at the Brighton and Hove Socialist Party meeting. Here it is, all the slides are just images but all my notes are on the notes tab (if you view this presentation on Slideshare) and you can download the presentation...

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spock is rubbish at identity politics as well

And here’s another example of a failed sign up dialogue in terms of identity politics and gender diversity: Radio buttons? With only two options and I have to choose one? And the default is Male? So I’m forced to declare myself as one or the other. How rubbish. Here’s...

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