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Gender diversity fail / transphobia by Channel 4

In my series of posts about registration forms and user interface design, and how you need to understand the basics of identity politics when you’re designing a form to collect identity data, Channel 4 is the latest to fail the test. Not only does it only offer binary gender...

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Groupon and eHarmony identity politics FAIL

Worst case of restrictive Title options I’ve seen so far. Shall I be male or married today?! Seen on And THEN, trying to sign up to eHarmony and am confronted with the choice – do I want a relationship with a Man or a Woman? Because you can’t...

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spock is rubbish at identity politics as well

And here’s another example of a failed sign up dialogue in terms of identity politics and gender diversity: Radio buttons? With only two options and I have to choose one? And the default is Male? So I’m forced to declare myself as one or the other. How rubbish. Here’s...

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