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Google search screenshot showing gay and cunt are conflated

Google search thinks ‘gay’ is a swear word: conflates ‘cunt’ with ‘gay’ and ‘shit’

An anonymous friend of mine just alerted me to the following: When your Google search includes the words ‘…is a cunt’, the results highlight in bold words which match the search terms. So, ‘cunt’ is highlighted. But, so is ‘shit’, and shockingly, ‘gay’ (see above). I’ve got nothing against...

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Google Ad Planner is going to get less useful for research :(

I just got the following email from Google Ad Planner, and it sounds like some disappointing changes are afoot. I use Google AdPlanner for research for social media campaigns – to identify potential partners, to understand audience behaviours online in terms of what their top websites are etc., and...

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Google, time, work, money and the meaning of life

So I know that Google searches are now personalised, based on your previous search history. But the recommendations it makes in the predictive text as you type a search, are also fed by what the world is searching for. This was used in a campaign about the racism against...

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Search term wordle

I love looking at site analytics, and one of the most interesting and useful things to look at are search terms people use to find your site. So you can really look at what topics people are interested in. I had a look at how people come to my...

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