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Infographic: free birth control or contraception lowers average abortion rates – US study

I was sent this link by and thought it was worth sharing. A straightforward experiment where birth control / contraception was provided free of charge in St. Louis, under the ‘Contraceptive Choice’ project, showed that these women had much lower birth rates and abortion rates than the national...

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Gender diversity fail / transphobia by Channel 4

In my series of posts about registration forms and user interface design, and how you need to understand the basics of identity politics when you’re designing a form to collect identity data, Channel 4 is the latest to fail the test. Not only does it only offer binary gender...

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Femfresh fail vs Mooncup win and EU #itsagirlthing fail

Mooncup make a menstrual cup that you put in your vagina when you’re on your period. They also do educational campaigns about menstruation, and generally have a theme around being open about talking about it, and removing the shame from periods. They also did a campaign about what names...

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The ‘new’ morality – Religion and politics: do they mix?

I have to write the following discussion paper for the Socialist Party LGBT steering group meeting at the end of this month. What do you think I should say? Abortion rights, sex education, and LGBTQ rights have all come under attack since the 2010 election. With support from elements...

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