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MPs intentions to vote on Dorries’ abstinence for girls sex education bill second reading

The following map displays voting intentions received from MPs in responses to letters from their constituents. The bill’s second reading is on 20 January 2012 and we aim to gather voting intentions from at least 50% of MPs before then. Background info on the bill and instructions on how...

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Dorries votes mapped with Google Fusion Tables

With the help of my colleague Steve who provided me the geo data for all of the constituencies, and the Public Whip site to get all the vote details, and Google Fusion Tables to do the mapping, here’s a map of how everyone voted on Dorries’ abstinence teaching for...

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Facebook updates its ad complaint options to include ‘against my views’

I’ve been reporting weight loss product and diet ads on Facebook for a while, as being ‘offensive’. To do this you hover your mouse over the ad so the ‘x’ appears in the top right corner of the ad. Click that and you get a series of options so...

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Stop #Dorries’ abstinence for girls sex education bill

Nadine Dorries, Conservative MP, who has voted against equal gay rights in the past, has just successfully proposed a bill to teach GIRLS (specifically) the ‘benefits’ of abstinence from ‘sexual activity’! Who’s up for starting a big campaign against this dangerous heteronormative sexist anti-sex bill before its second reading...

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